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(Special: Sushi & Maki Platters)

(Have to Call ahead of Time to Place Order)

Sushi Party Platters:
     1S. Sushi Love Boat (16p of Sushi, 1 California roll and 1 Tuna roll) ------$44

     2S. Sushi Sashimi Party Platter------ $63
     (12p of Sushi, 15p of Sashimi, 1 Alaska Roll and 3 California Rolls)

Maki Party Platters:
AP.3 California Rolls, 3 Cucumber Rolls and 3 Tuna Rolls (54p) ------$38

BP.3 Spicy Tuna Rolls, 3 Spicy Salmon Rolls and 3 Spicy Crab stick Rolls (54p)------ $47

CP.3 California Rolls, 3 Avocado Rolls and 3 Salmon Rolls (54p) ------$39

DP.3 Tuna Rolls, 3 Yellow Tail rolls and 3 Salmon Rolls (54p) ------$44

EP.2 California Rolls, 2 Cucumber Rolls, 2 Tuna Rolls,1 Yellow Tail Roll,
1 Salmon Roll, 1 Spicy Tuna Roll, 1 Spicy Salmon Roll, 1 Spicy Crab Stick Roll
and 1 Salmon Avocado Roll (72p) ------$58

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